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The BAUFEST was a party to celebrate the inauguration of W.o.W at the Bauhaus Campus, an occasion to meet constructLab designers, to approach our workshop by creating stools and to spend time together, with the music of Morgenvogel Real Estate and the food rescued by Foodsharing.

During our workshop “Sonnenstudio” we showed how to make a collective solar cooker for the barbeque season! A big collective solar cooker is produced, which can be replicated in a suitable scale for an individual, foldable summer-solar-cooker. The solar cooker is made from very basic components that can be found in almost any household). In the frame of the workshop, basic knowledge of the functioning and physical laws will be discussed, techniques of prototype-building will be explored, followed up by a collective cooking and exchange around the food. Our focus lies on learning together.

[ author: W.o.W ]
[ pictures: credits ©Paolo Terlizzi, Six Hats Studio ]

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